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A Playoff Debate For The Ages: Jefferson vs. Hamilton

Tonight we have engaged two of the greatest minds in the history of this country to debate the defining issue of our time: The College Football Playoff--should it stay at 4 teams or expand to 8 teams? Representing the age of enlightenment, the voice of Revolution, the gentleman farmer, agrarian idealist, the author of the Declaration of Independence, a former governor of Virginia, Secretary of State, Vice President and President of the United States—Thomas Jefferson. Representing the powers that be is a believer in a strong central government, a delegate to the Constitutional Convention the first Treasurer of The United States and the star of the hottest Broadway musical--Alexander Hamilton.

Breaking News: Mueller Investigation Leaks Transcript of Steelers-Patriots Replay Discussion

In a shocking new development that once again threatens to shake the NFL’s foundations to their core, we have learned that Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller has uncovered possible evidence of Russian intimidation in the NFL’s instant replay operation. While surveying wireless communication intercepts the investigators’ attention was caught by references to people of interest in their current investigation. The wireless communication between the on-Field official and the replay official at NFL headquarters in New York City was transcribed and brought to the attention of the Special Prosecutor’s office. Sources at the Special Prosecutor’s deny leaking the transcripts which are being reported here

UNDER THE RADAR: Tax Bill May Hit College Football, Tennessee is an ATM, Playoff Committee Grades &a

Today’s Under the Radar is a day later, allowing the College Football Playoff Debate dust to settle before we take a look back at some observations from the end of the regular season. 1. College Football & The GOP Tax Bill: Amid the still-foggy details of the GOP Tax Bills, there are potential concerns for college athletic departments. Proposals to tax college endowment income may hit some schools. The proposal to tax the tuition waiver for graduate students is another issue as graduate assistant coaches may have to pay tax on their tuition. How will this play out for student-athletes who graduate with a season or two of eligibility left and are taking graduate school classes? Will the tax h

BLITZING SEVEN: Uncertainty & Drama-This is WAY Better Than An 8-Team Playoff

1. Rematches: If you are one of the few people who thought Rocky 2 was better than Rocky 1 this is your weekend. With a major difference--none of the 7 previous meetings were close (7 out of 9 title tilts are rematches). The average margin of victory in the 7 regular season match-ups was 24.5 points. Of the 3 Power-5 rematches the average margin was 19.7 points. 2. This is Better Than an 8-Team Playoff: For those clamoring to expand the playoff to 8-team playoff, this weekend is in fact better than an 8-team playoff. Why? There is more uncertainty and hence more drama (gotta love the word hence). If the top 4 teams win, they’re pretty much in. However if the top 3 hold serve and Ohio State b

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