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A Team for Penn State's Future:
Pope, Paterno & Lubrano
March 21, 2023

With less than three weeks until Alumni Trustee Election voting begins on April 10th it's time to re-elect the incumbent Alumni-Elected Trustees Alice Pope, Anthony Lubrano and Jay Paterno. To understand their commitment to Penn State and the things that have been accomplished at Penn State click here. You'll see their campaign statements and bios. You'll find some dramatic examples of the ways Penn State has taken on the challenges of our times.

January 12, 2023

The question that we should consider as we face new challenges each day: “Has the first line in your obituary already been written?” With that in mind my gaze is firmly focused on a future where the first line of that obituary gets better and better through service and leadership to others.


And so, once again, I’m coming to Penn State’s Alumni to ask for your vote to serve another three-year term on Penn State’s Board of Trustees.


For the past two terms, we have worked to advance the university through the very difficult challenges facing Penn State and every one of America’s leading research universities. And I’ve challenged us to push past the ideas that are “industry standards” to pursue a vision setting new standards of excellence.


In this past term we hired a new President. She has sparked a new momentum tackling challenges head on, with a commitment to openness with students, alumni and the citizens of the Commonwealth. Through this time of transition and new beginnings I’ve been called to leadership roles for Penn State both as a Trustee and as a proud Penn State alumnus.


As a Trustee I’ve been an advocate for affordability, for diversity and for increasing access for students across all of our campuses. And behind the scenes I’ve worked to build bridges between groups that have been at odds to unite in common cause for an even brighter future for Penn State.


I’ve voted repeatedly for fiscal restraint to keep costs down and try to rein in tuition hikes. I’ve helped successfully push to get better awareness and philanthropic support for causes impacting student food insecurity. And I’ve advocated for and seen results for meaningful change in diversity and equity issues as one of the first members of our newly-formed Equity and Human Resources Committee.   


In the past two years I led the charge to co-found Penn State’s first Name, Image and Likeness collective Success With Honor. We created a collective that has signed every one of Penn State football's scholarship players and has benefited student-athletes in all 31 women’s and men’s sports at Penn State. I also worked with Penn State and NBC News on a long-form national news story highlighting Penn State as the national model for doing Name, Image and Likeness the right way.


Last February I was the Executive Producer for the television special “THON: 50 Years For The Kids” which aired on ABC affiliates statewide and won its time slot in both Philadelphia and New York City. It sparked a record surge in on-line giving the day it aired.


But more work awaits us…..


We stand at a unique moment for Penn State. A new administration is looking towards the future. And I’ve taken on a commitment to inform a truer understanding of what Penn State has been to build our vision of what Penn State can be.   


To continue that work, I humbly ask for your vote. I also ask that you nominate and vote for my fellow Trustees Alice Pope and Anthony Lubrano. Together the three of us have been staunch advocates for Penn State and will continue to do so in the future. The nomination process begins on January 15th running through February 25th and the ensuing electronic voting election cycle will begin April 10th and run through 9:00 a.m. on May 4th. To request a nomination form please CLICK HERE.

JOINT PRESS RELEASE January 12, 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Contact: (267) 278-0440




January 12, 2023-- Today Anthony P. Lubrano, Joseph (Jay) Paterno, Jr. and Dr. Alice W. Pope have announced their decision to seek re-election to the Penn State Board of Trustees in 2023.

Lubrano and Pope will have each served three terms while Paterno will have served two terms when their current terms end on June 30, 2023.

“We have spoken with thousands of alumni to learn their goals and understand their vision of the future,” Pope said. “Many have expressed their hope that we will continue the work we began as a team over a decade ago.”

All three remain committed to open and transparent board governance,

“Whether tackling issues of rising tuition, oversight of the University’s administration or the challenges of student life at a multi-faceted University such as ours, I pledge to be fully engaged, truthful, and will always do right by those who helped Penn State ascend to the prominence we all enjoy today,” Lubrano said.

Paterno added, "Today we"re seeing new momentum to address a range of issues and challenges facing Penn State and facing America's leading research institutions. Penn Staters both here in Pennsylvania and around the country are feeling that
momentum too. Together our board and the University's administration can attack these challenges and re-establish Penn State in the national leadership role we have long held. I look forward to serving again to help lead that process."

“I am committed to working with President Bendapudi to address all obstacles to student success, graduation, and future employment. We are making progress but need to do more to fulfill our land grant mission so that all students, including first generation college attenders, graduate on time,” said Pope, who has spent her career as a faculty member in higher education.

The nominating period begins on January 15, 2023 and ends at 5:00 pm on February 25th. 250 nominating votes are required for a candidate’s name to appear on the ballot. To request a nomination form CLICK HERE. Electronic voting will open April 10 th and continue through 9:00 am on May 4, 2023.

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