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2020 Trustee Election Statement


At the 2017 Trustee Election Candidates’ Forum I stated: “I’m going to come in and extend an open hand. If they extend an open hand we’ll work together and make things happen.”


That path has proven fruitful. I supported initiatives to freeze in-state tuition and never voted to raise in-state tuition. In November 2017 I stood alone publicly calling out the board’s lack of diversity and lagging diversity indicators University-wide. That sparked board-level diversity and inclusion efforts for the board, students, faculty and staff.


We’ve worked together on key issues but big legacy issues are looming. Legacy issues require a sense of our University’s proud history and my life was spent learning from our University’s most visionary leaders.


This Board faces major decisions impacting our future. In coming years we’ll make decisions on our President, transformative campus building projects, the evolving delivery of on-line and Commonwealth Campus education, Penn State Health, Beaver Stadium and an existential challenge to the financial model for Intercollegiate athletics. 


While we’ve held the line on in-state tuition, it’s time to find ways to reduce it. It’s time to end the Harrisburg blame game and understand we control the next generation’s destiny by finding internal efficiencies and savings. We should expand affordable tuition programs for our alumni legacy children. They are family and they belong here.

Being elected to Penn State’s Board of Trustees is and should always be a call to service, to represent first and foremost the interests of Penn State and its diverse coalition of constituents --the students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of this great University.


As Pennsylvania’s Flagship University we’re still rooted in the Morrill Act enacted by Congress and signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln. For over a century and a half that call to service has crossed generations. From the Delaware River to Lake Erie and from the Alleghenies to the Poconos together we can create and inspire excellence for Penn State and the Commonwealth.


While we’ve done a lot to carry your voices on this Board more work remains as we chart the future course for Penn State. I ask for you vote to continue serving Penn State.