Penn State Forever...

"Fight for her honoR"

“We Are” reminds us that our Alma Mater can only rise as high as her truest stakeholders, her students, alumni and friends, will lift her. It is inclusive, and should remind us every day that we are the ones to state our University’s case; to show the world what Penn State is all about. It requires us to accept differing viewpoints, to listen to each other.” –From a Column Written  11/28/2013

2020 Vision: The Challenges Ahead

Penn State-ments:

Fighting to Make Penn State Affordable:

"Across the years I visited high schools in almost 30 states and saw the magic that was sparked by "Penn State" two simple words in one uncommon name. I know that Penn State is a dream for many. Over the years I’ve spent time in low-income schools from coast to coast and I’ve been approached by student who would love to go to Penn State but cannot overcome the hurdles of expense.” –Columbia, SC 3/9/2017

Penn State's Funding Challenges:

"We must prepare for a future where we continue to accomplish more with less, where we find ever more efficient systems to educate the people of this Commonwealth. What we do here will echo beyond our campus beyond our commonwealth beyond our country and across the globe."--University Park, PA 10/28/2011

Penn State's Role in The Future of Pennsylvania and America:

“Schools like Penn State are the furnaces where we will forge American competitiveness and leadership for the future that we wait—as a state and as a nation. Where we once supplied brawn and energy for the industrial might of this country, now we will provide the brain power and innovations of the future."

” –University Park, PA 10/28/2011

On Penn State's Future:

"I want to see this University get its name back. Because when you go around this country and say "I went to Penn State", six years ago there was a different reaction than what you get now. The truth of the matter is that should not have changed and that's got to come out. And I want that for Penn State." --State College, PA 9/17/2016

On Civility at Penn State:

"Squelching dissent by labeling those we disagree with as being disrespectful or not being civil is an easy way to try and vilify those with opinions unlike our own. Luckily we have reason to combat the errors of the past." --State College, PA 9/5/2014

2020 Issues:

1. Foundations: Penn State is Pennsylvania's flagship Land Grant institution. We need to insure that is our guiding light as we navigate the future, to serve the people of the Commonwealth.

2. Our Stakeholders: The Board's first obligation is to serve Penn State, the Alumni, Students, Faculty, Staff and Friends of this University. WE are here to SERVE THEM--not the other way around.

3. Affordability: We've fought to freeze in-state tuition. Now we want to seek a way to freeze and reduce tuition for all students. It's time to stop the "Harrisburg Blame Game" and look for internal efficiencies and revenues to make Penn State more affordable. We control our own destiny so let's find ways to lower the overall cost of earning a Penn State Degree.

4. Big Future/Big Legacy: There are major transformative projects ahead for our University Park campus from tearing down Hammond Building to the Engineering Campus to Dorm Renovations to Beaver Stadium. These are Big Legacy Projects to propel us to a Big Future.

5. Commonwealth & World Campuses: We are in a unique position to deliver a valuable higher education from one of America's leading research institutions. Our Commonwealth Campuses offer affordable access right in many Pennsylvanians' backyard. The World Campus offers that access anywhere in the world. We need to fill the seats at our Commonwealth Campus and continue to build the World Campus.

6. Alumni Legacy Affordabilty: Let's expand affordability programs for the children of our out-of-state Alumni. They are family and they belong here.

7. Diversity and Educational Equity: I've championed this cause all my life. Penn State has been and must remain a place where all people have an equal seat at the table of education. This approach must also extend to faculty and staff at the University.


8. Freedom of All Speech: We must safeguard the rights to Free Speech and expression for members of the University community and for guest speakers. Penn State must encourage the exchange and expression of all viewpoints. While the University may condemn offensive speech, our policy should not be one of censorship.

9. The Next President: In this next term we will be making a decision on our next President. As someone who has known and worked with some of Penn State's most visionary leaders I have a unique historical perspective to bring when we look for our next leader.

10. Athletics’ Oversight:  College athletics faces seismic shifts in legislation and an existential threat to the current business model. This Board should be engaged in how Penn State responds to an incredibly uncertain future.

Penn State-ments:

Penn State's Vision-To Stand Apart:

“It is time to return to that vision, it is time to stop comparing ourselves to “peer institutions”….the leaders I grew up knowing at Penn State would never have uttered the words “peer institutions” because they wanted to stand apart, to be fearless in the pursuit to be peerless. –Atlanta, GA 3/9/2017

Penn State Mission-Truth in a World of Alternative Facts:

"Thomas Jefferson, while founding the University of Virginia, wrote to British Historian William Roscoe describing his goals: “For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it.”

Whether it is in your experience in the classrooms of Penn State or in the way you live, keep those ideas with you. Follow truth, hold fast to reason to combat the errors you see in the world.—University Park, PA 10/19/2013

On Penn State Football's Legacy:

"There is no honor without the truth and the truth of the matter is this: there was an extraordinary group of young people who came to Penn State from all over this country. Guys that were born on a number of Continents and they've gone on to do great things with their lives."--State College, PA 9/17/2016

On Penn State Football's Future:
"I want this football program to continue to go on the right trajectory. To educate young people and be able to walk into a place and say "I played at Penn State" and for the people to have the same reverence they had six years ago. Because that's the truth about Penn State and this place. I think that's the most important thing: what's right for this University and for this football program and in that order." --State College, PA 9/17/2016