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UNDER THE RADAR: The Root Causes of Instability in The College Coaching Market

Coaching Market Volatility: This weekend highlighted the increased volatility of the college coaching market as Arkansas, Texas A&M, Arizona State and Nebraska joined the list of schools who'd already fired their coaches. While many have pointed to this year's new December signing day as a reason coaches are being fired more quickly there are a number of other factors that have grown over the last few years adding to that volatility. The Money Is Too Big: The money being paid to coaches has grown exponentially. In 1994 Tennessee’s Phil Fulmer's contract became the first one to publicly disclose an annual salary in excess of $1 million. Once that seven-figure barrier was broken the flood gate


1. A House Divided For Thanksgiving: Around the Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing many families avoided talking politics…..but if you really want to see divisiveness that will tear a family apart college football's season-ending rivalries are your best ticket. The more heated rivalries can draw fault lines in mixed families on a topic where there is not, nor will there ever be common ground. If you are an Alabama fan who married into an Auburn family……good luck. Here are the best of the games this jam-packed weekend. 2. In-Conference and In-State: The Top of this list is #1 Alabama at #6 Auburn, also known as the Iron Bowl. This year it is a game for the SEC West Title with both teams in play

UNDER THE RADAR: LA QB Showdown, Big Ten QBs in the NFL, Coaching Upheaval & Who Really Benefits

1. QB Showdown in LA: Having been on hand to witness the showdown of the top two NFL QB prospects, UCLA's Josh Rosen and USC's Sam Darnold, it was a battle to remember. Both have the ability to match their billing. Josh Rosen's individual performance was the more impressive of the 2 junior quarterbacks. He has a quicker release and made some really difficult throws while getting hit. Darnold gives the added element of mobility with a little more deliberate release and no injury history. Neither player has declared for the NFL draft so this may all be too early, but every scout believes they are both top-level NFL guys. As you look at the Big 10 that is something that seems to be missing....

BLITZING SEVEN: Southern Home Cooking Week, Cupcakes, Rivalries & Big Ten Playoff Hopes

1. Southern Home Cookin’ Week: For a number of years this has been SEC cupcake home game week. Lately the ACC has also gotten in on the Southern Home Cooking the week before a number of In-State ACC-SEC rivalry games (more on that next week). The ACC games this week include Delaware State at Florida State and The Citadel at #2 Clemson. In the SEC the Home Cooking means UAB at Florida (upset alert), Wofford at South Carolina, Louisiana-Monroe at #6 Auburn and Mercer at #1 Alabama. Mercer, you ask? Mercer is an FCS school from Macon, Georgia with a 5-5 record. If Alabama Coach Nick Saban has trouble getting his players’ attention, he can show them Auburn’s 24-10 win over Mercer. Auburn needed

UNDER THE RADAR: Military Appreciation, Add A Heisman Candidate and 2-Loss Playoff Teams

1. Military Appreciation Week: Army should be ranked this week AND their quarterback should be on your Heisman Ballot. The Black Knights are 8-2 and riding a 6-game winning streak. With a win at North Texas this week they could be 9-2 with three weeks to get ready for Navy on 12/9. Quarterback Ahmad Bradshaw is an impressive player and if I had a Heisman ballot he'd be on it--not first but he'd be on it. He is a good enough athlete and tough enough to play for anyone in the country. He’s rushed for 1228 yards and 9 TDs. But don’t forget when he pitches the ball on the option he gets hit a lot too. You have to appreciate this team and their quarterback. 2. Heisman Market Watch: Love: Stanford

BLITZING SEVEN: No Bull--With This Week's Games Who Needs an 8-Team Playoff?

1. We Already Have an 8+Team Playoff: It’s called the month of November and December. After three playoff years the #1 and #2 seeds have played for the National Title 2 of the 3 years and the semifinal games have been blowouts (with the average margin of victory being over 25 points). The #5 seed has yet to win a Bowl Game. For now the limit of four teams has struck the right balance to stir debate and increase the intensity of conference races. So let’s crank up the playoff hype machine for the next 4 weekends. 2. #3 Notre Dame at #7 Miami: At the start of the year did anyone believe this was going to become a monster game? Nope. That’s the beauty of college football. Notre Dame is only a 1

UNDER THE RADAR: Playoff Contenders Narrow, Big 12 vs Big 10, Notre Dame & The ACC, Sparty Rises

And Then There Were Nine: After a wild weekend the playoff contender field narrowed from 13 and now just 9 remain standing. The ACC has Clemson and Miami, the SEC has Alabama and Georgia, The Big 12 has Oklahoma and TCU and Notre Dame is the lone independent. The Pac 12 has Washington while Wisconsin is the lone survivor in the Big 10 after Penn State and Ohio State lost. Big 12 Vs Big 10 Heisman Edition: After Baker Mayfield's huge game against Oklahoma State many Big 10 fans on social media started dissing Big 12 defenses. The numbers do not lie but there is more to it than meets the eye. The average national rank of Big Ten defenses is 41st and for the Big 12 it is 80th. But switch sides

BLITZING SEVEN: Big Weekend of Playoff Implications Kicks Off a Month Of Marquee Match-Ups

1. Bedlam and Miami-Virginia Tech Headline Games to Watch: This weekend we get what are essentially two elimination games as #13 Virginia Tech travels to #10 Miami and #11 Oklahoma State hosts #5 Oklahoma in the game simply known as Bedlam. Don’t be surprised if under-appreciated Virginia Tech walks out with a big win. In Bedlam these two teams feature high-powered offenses so expect fireworks and for OU Quarterback Baker Mayfield to be the difference. 2. Remaining Playoff Contender Match-ups: On Monday we mentioned 13 teams that are still in the playoff hunt. The top 4 today may look very different after a number of games among those 13 contenders are played. And don't forget potential conf

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