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Four Down Territory: Neutral Site Games, Michigan-Notre Dame and Off-Field Issues

1st Down: Doing The Math on Neutral Site Games: Week 1 in College Football has become the home of marquee neutral site games. This year is no different as #6 Washington plays #9 Auburn in Atlanta, Tennessee plays #17 West Virginia in Charlotte, #8 Miami plays #25 LSU in Arlington, TX and Louisville plays #11 Alabama in Orlando. Three of these games as well as Colorado/Colorado State (Denver), Ole Miss/Texas Tech (Houston) and Texas/Maryland (FedEx Field) are in NFL Stadiums giving those venues an extra game and income. For the teams playing it is a chance to play a one-off game without having to go home and home. In the marquee home and home match-ups the teams get one home payday across a t

The Heat Index Rises on College Football

After the tragic death of Maryland football player Jordan McNair and allegations of a toxic culture at the University of Maryland, the spotlight has once again been shone on the demands of rigorous college football workouts in the offseason and preseason camp. To understand the context of today it's worthwhile to go back to August 2001. Minnesota Vikings Offensive Tackle Korey Stringer collapsed and died during training camp. Just days later Northwestern football player Rashidi Wheeler collapsed and died during offseason workouts. Those deaths sparked conversations about training camp, conditioning and about what type of oversight the medical and coaching staffs should have. That led to year

Due Process & Rule of Law for Urban Meyer

Just a few hours ago a member of the media published a story about Ohio State's Urban Meyer alleging he had knowledge of domestic violence issues involving Ohio State’s now-former wide receiver coach. A former ESPN writer wrote a story on Facebook and now….. Social media is abuzz with people in the outrage spiral descent where one after another weighs in to show just how much more outraged they are over some alleged wrong. People from other schools on social media are giddy with the excitement of “Urban being in trouble” and breathless in anticipation that he will be fired. That is what losers do. Being unable to beat someone on the field they take excitement that some other means of deraili

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