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4 Down Territory: One Game Left.......

College Football 150: Today we lead off with a plea to the powers that be in college football. This beautiful game deserves a better ending than playing the National Championship on a random Monday night in January. Find a way to work with the NFL and get a Saturday Night slot amid the NFL playoff season. This isn’t basketball. Part of the allure of Super Bowl Sunday is that a day of parties on a weekend afternoon creates an event that transcends the sport. College football deserves a weekend title game. Case in Point: Friday January 2, 1987 Penn State played Miami for the National Title. That game was a huge sporting event and delivered what is still the highest-rated college football telec

4-Down Territory: Officiating Controversy, Your Team's 2020 National Title Hopes and More...

1st Down: Strike A Pose: The season isn’t over but already players around the country are using bowl victories to talk on social media about being National Title contenders next year. Talk is cheap and no one ever won a title on social media. What is clear is that getting to and winning the college football playoff requires a defense that is at least good if not flat out great. But maybe more importantly it requires a quarterback with durability plus mental and physical toughness. Exhibit A: LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow who just lit up Oklahoma. Exhibit B: Watch the Fiesta Bowl and ask yourself if your quarterback is as tough as Ohio State’s Justin Fields or Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence. Both of

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