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Under the Radar: Underrated Coaches You Should Know About

Note: Today marks the first of what will be many featured blogs posted here with the theme “Under The Radar”--taking a little different look at college football. Today we’ll talk about some underrated coaches, both current and in the past that have flown under the radar. When I started my coaching career at the University of Virginia George Welsh was the head coach there. To this day he ranks as one of the most underrated coaches of all time—as underrated as one can be who is rightfully in the College Football Hall of Fame. To really grasp George Welsh’s greatness you have to appreciate where UVA was before he got there and where they’ve been since. In 1982 George Welsh took over a program t

Programs That Need to Win Now

This is not a list of coaches who are in trouble or on the hot seat. This is a list of programs that need to win and win soon. They are big national programs that need to re-establish their baseline success after some years that are not up to the standards their school’s history demands. In a world where 140 character thought is considered deep and attention spans are no more than 24 hours these schools need to win now. Michigan No team in the country has received more hype off of its history than Michigan. They lost seemingly everyone from a team that is 1-3 in its last 4 games and are still ranked in the Top 10. The truth is this: Michigan’s last Big Ten Title was in 2004 and they have ye

College Football's Soundtrack: 3rd Quarter Stretch and Post-Game

Note: This is part two of a two part blog on College Football Music. This blog focuses on 4th quarter songs and post-game music. The First blog covered pre-game music and in-game music. Once a college football game is underway the drama on the field combined with the music in the stadium adds to the excitement for all the fans in the stadium. But even between quarters and when the game ends, the music doesn’t necessarily stop. One tradition that has evolved in college football is what I'll call the 3rd quarter stretch between the 3rd and 4th quarter; college football’s answer to the 7th-inning stretch. One of the best-known traditions that highlighted the 3rd/4th quarter break was Wisconsin

College Football's Soundtrack: Music to Stir The Soul

Note: This is part one of a two part blog on College Football Music. This blog focuses on pre-game music and in-game music. The next Blog will talk about 4th quarter songs and post-game songs. Part of the whole appeal of college football is the show, the pageantry and all the things around it. A big part of that is music, whether it is from the school’s band or the stadium sound system there are certain songs that have become traditions at individual schools. This music is the soundtrack of game day at your favorite team's stadium. Just the first few notes of these songs get fans out of their seats and when timed right they give a lift to the home team. Let’s start with the bands. Before mus

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