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4-Down Territory: Big SEC Plot Lines, Top 25 Match-ups & The Ultimate PSU Season Continues

1st Down: SEC Returns—Interesting Plotlines in The Magnolia State: White House spokesman Kayleigh McEnany apparently didn’t know the Big Ten teams, nor her postal abbreviations when she announced that college football fans in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Mississippi would now be able to watch their Big Ten teams play. Mississippi State at #6 LSU: Mike Leach the former Pullman Pirate has dropped anchor in Stark-Vegas. LSU looks to start their National Title defense with a win at home and a new QB under center. #5 Florida at Ole Miss: With the QB uncertainty at Georgia, Florida has emerged as an SEC East favorite. At Ole Miss Lane Kiffin might be the most loquacious person to live in Oxford since th

Four Down Territory: Big Ten is Back, Games of The Week and The Ultimate Penn State Season Continues

1st Down: The Big Ten is Back: The Big Ten reversed field and will try to start the season the weekend of October 24th. Increased testing is cited as the key, but it is important to note that rapid testing will not prevent players from catching Covid-19. Hopefully it will keep them from spreading it in real time. With players having to sit 21 days after a positive test, expect to see players like Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields moving around campus wearing a hazmat suit and riding in a hermetically-sealed, climate controlled pope-mobile type vehicle. Also look for more runners for bookies and gamblers to be looking to pay top dollar for inside information on testing results. All that be

Four Down Territory: Big Ten Chaos, Other Leagues Play, Ultimate PSU Season Continues & Covid-19

1st Down: Big Ten Perspective: A few Big Ten Coaches have taken to the media complaining about a lack of information on the decision to postpone the season. At the same time college Presidents and administrations have their hands full trying to keep their campuses open and keeping a lid on the outbreaks that are running through their student populations. Keep in mind that 99.8% of the Big Ten’s 607,000 students do not play football and they too have parents that want to know what is happening on campus. We all want to see football, but the game has to be kept in perspective. 2nd Down: ACC Penny Wise Pound Foolish: Syracuse at #18 UNC: Despite switching to all remote learning and "de-densifyi

4-Down Territory: The Big Ten Conspiracy Revealed & The Ultimate PSU Season Starts Today

1st Down: Conspiracy Theories: Russian Bots must have taken a sudden interest in Big Ten football as evidenced by resurgent postponement conspiracy theories. The conference's postponement is allegedly a conspiracy to derail Trump’s campaign in the key swing states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin. At the same time it is also allegedly a conspiracy to stop the players from organizing and demanding a share of revenues. Let’s take a deeper (state) dive into these theories. 2nd Down: Competency/Confidentiality: Given that the Big Ten has had trouble controlling the messaging and keeping various athletic directors, coaches and University presidents from making statements, does anyone

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