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UNDER THE RADAR: College Football Playoff Field is WIDE Open, Heisman Market: QBs Soar & Who Can

1. The College Football Playoff Field is Still Wide Open: Much like the extra wildcard team in baseball kept more teams in the hunt, so too has the college football playoff. Right now there are legitimately 13 teams in the hunt with one undefeated long shot making it 14. ACC: Miami, Clemson, Virginia Tech Big 12: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, TCU Big 10: Ohio State, Wisconsin, Penn State Independent: Notre Dame Pac 12: Washington SEC: Alabama, Georgia Needs a Lot of Help: UCF 2. A Frightful Scenario: The most controversial scenario would be an undefeated Alabama team losing a close game to undefeated Georgia. Might they still get in? If that happens and Notre Dame gets in there will be 3 power-5

BLITZING SEVEN: "Stay Home Saturday" Your TV Guide to The Best Saturday of The Year

This weekend is "Stay Home Saturday" featuring the best slate of match-ups we’ve seen this year. As a public service here is your guide to the best games to watch in the three major broadcast windows (all times Eastern). It might be worthwhile to pack a cooler, get three or four devices to watch games, put on a pair of Depends adult diapers and make plans to stay on the couch for twelve straight hours. Here are you seven assignments for “Stay-Home Saturday.” NOON TIME SLOT (2 devices needed) 1. #11 Oklahoma State at #25 West Virginia (ABC—Watch on Big Screen TV): With these two quarterbacks this could be a true shootout between Oklahoma State QB Mason Rudolph (Nation’s #1 pass offense) and

UNDER THE RADAR: Michigan Trending Down? PSU's MVP, Va Tech's Playoff Path, Alabama's El

1. Michigan Trending Up or Down? Although Michigan lost a lot of talent last year, according to recruiting rankings they've stockpiled young players. However after starting last season 9-0 the Wolverines have gone 6-5 in their last 11 games. Surprisingly for Michigan they lack a big-time quarterback, running back or wide receiver. They will need to remedy that if they are to reverse the current trend. With a second conference loss they are going to finish without a Big Ten Title 13th straight season. That ties the longest Big Ten title drought in school history. 2. Is McSorley Quietly Penn State’s MVP? The past few weeks since Saquon Barkley’s big game at Iowa, one could argue it has been qu

BLITZING SEVEN: Happy Valley Blizzard, South Bend Playoff Game, Cowboys and Longhorns, Jefferson Liv

1. White Out Conditions: Penn State’s White Out returns as #19 Michigan travels to #2 Penn State. Both teams have serious question marks. Penn State's offensive line has struggled to open holes and protect the quarterback and faces the strength of Michigan’s defensive front. Michigan’s passing game needs to be a factor and they face a veteran Penn State secondary. Led by RB Karan Higdon the Wolverines may have found an identity running the ball in gaining 271 yards against an Indiana defense that held Penn State to 39 yards. Because Penn State will pick up yards on each possession exchange if the two outstanding defenses turn this into a Big Ten Puntfest, Michigan will need turnovers to win

Under The Radar: A New Heisman Favorite, Kicking Woes, Heisman Darkhorse and Big Ten Imbalance

A New Heisman Favorite: It is not often that Stanford RB Bryce Love is the second fastest runner on the field but on Saturday night that happened during his team's game against Oregon. Jack Rabbit Slim broke into the open and unofficially amassed over 100 yards and crossed the goal line three times before finally being corralled on the Oregon sideline. Being that this was California it's likely that representatives of PETA were on hand and ready to throw flags for any unnecessary roughness after the play (and not the rabbit) was whistled dead. Jack Rabbit Slim possesses the nation’s best breakaway speed and elusiveness. Said one player “Not only does he have great vision, but it’s like he’s

BLITZING SEVEN: Heisman Recruiting Rankings, The Red River War, College Gameday at JMU & Moving

1. Heisman Favorites Recruiting Rankings Part 1 QBs: To answer the question if anybody saw these guys coming the answer is mostly no. If you look at the recruiting rankings of the top Heisman favorites QBs and RBs none of them were even rated the best players in their state or at their position. Quarterbacks position rank state rank Baker Mayfield Oklahoma 3-star N/A N/A Lamar Jackson Louisville 4-star 17th (Dual-threat) 51st FL Sam Darnold USC 4-star 8th

UNDER THE RADAR WEEK 6: Playoff Rankings, Penn State's Secret, Washington's Undefeated Obliv

1. If Playoff Rankings Came Out Today: Alabama and Clemson are the top two. Who comes next? The playoff rankings don’t care what you did last year, they don’t care who is left on your schedule. It is only to be based what your team has done so far. The third and fourth team now are probably TCU and Georgia based on the teams they’ve played. Washington State has a win over USC. Penn State, Washington, Wisconsin and Miami have yet to play any teams that were either ranked at the time or who are currently ranked. After a week off things change quickly for Penn State with games against Michigan, at Ohio State and at Michigan State. 2. Penn State’s Secret: With all the hype around Penn State’s of

BLITZING SEVEN: No Love for Heisman? Tide is Really Rolling, DEE-Fense, Is Wazzu for Real? Fans Stay

1. No Love for Heisman? No list of Heisman Candidates would be complete without some Love…as in Bryce Love. Stanford RB Bryce Love’s numbers are so unreal that he absolutely deserves to be in contention. His biggest hurdle are late games that few on the East coast have ever see him play. In just 5 games (including games against two current Top 20 teams) he’s amassed 1088 yards on only 98 carries and scored 8 touchdowns. By comparison (and with no disrespect) Penn State’s Saquon Barkley has yet to play a team ranked in the top 20 and would have to gain 514 yards on his next 14 carries to catch Love. Adding Barkley’s receiving numbers gives him 113 touches on offense for 960 yards and 6 touchd

UNDER THE RADAR: Saluting Purdue's Joe Tiller, Alabama's Back-Ups, Opportunistic Penn State

What You May Not Remember About Joe Tiller: It was with a truly heavy heart that I learned of the death of former Purdue Head Football Coach Joe Tiller. He was a good man, a great coach and instilled a fierce competitiveness in his teams that was beautiful to behold even if it made them tough to beat. After he retired he came to Penn State for a football weekend. One suspects that given his love of fishing that part of the trip was really to scout the World-Class trout streams in and near Happy Valley. When you talked to Joe Paterno or any number of Big Ten Head Coaches, Joe Tiller was universally liked and more importantly respected by everyone. What he did at Purdue was nothing short of mi

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