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HOT SEAT: A Year Inside College Football's Pressure Cooker

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Early Reviews are In----

Amazon Rating 4.8/5 Stars

"Awesome insight into that life." --Urban Meyer--Fox Sports


"I loved this book. It's one of the best sports novels I've ever read and so realistic. The only disappointment you will have is when you get to the last page. It's that good" --Paul Finebaum --ESPN

"Jay Paterno's Hot Seat is an inside look at modern-day college football. The plot is as engaging as an Overtime thriller as fiction imitates life to a T." --Dennis Dodd --CBS Sports

"Having coached for decades in big time college football, it’s no surprise Jay Paterno’s “Hot Seat” is so authentic. Fans will love the insight, characters and game action." --Dan Wetzel -Yahoo Sports

This reality-based fiction takes you deep into the world of big-time college football. The day after a season-ending bowl game loss, Ohio State Coach Ed Hart is told he has one year to win big or he'll be fired. In a win-at-all-costs profession he must navigate a minefield of issues in academics, recruiting, sex, race, concussions, gambling, agents and more. With over twenty years of college coaching experience, Jay Paterno takes you inside college football's pressure cooker unlike anyone else.


Amazon Rating 4.7/5 Stars


"Jay Paterno has issued a loud, compelling, forceful clarion call to clear his father's name. With lucid prose and a storyteller's touch, Jay has blown aside the unwarranted clouds that socked in the end of Joe Paterno's life and reminded us of what JoePa accomplished and represented over a lifetime as a coach, a father and a father figure to untold Penn State football players. Jay takes us inside the life of a public icon, giving us the vantage point that only a son and a colleague can have. College football fans and anyone who still believes in the quintessential American success story will be all the richer for Paterno Legacy."--Ivan Maisel--ESPN


"Jay Paterno's project is the defining work on his father, every bit the same as a Doris Kearns Goodwin biography on an American president."---Don Laible--Utica Observer-Dispatch


"Many life lessons... you don't have to like football, Penn State or Joe Paterno. Read it if you want to know how to be a better person and/or parent."--Virginia


"This is a sharp, in-depth, inside look at a son's love for his iconic father."--Dennis Dodd--CBS Sports


"Jay puts holes in that (Freeh) report big enough for Franco Harris to run through."--Stan Hochman--The Philadelphia Daily News


"The just isn't for Penn Staters, JoePa fans, or sports freaks. It teaches about life, family, integrity and commitment. EVERYONE can learn something from this book." --Matthew


"If you read this book with an open heart, you won't be able to look at that scandal or Joe Paterno in the same way again."--Joe Posnanski--NBC Sports


"This book, which I believe can be enjoyed by both football fans and non-football fans alike, is well written, fast moving, and clearly gives insights into the man Joe Paterno was." --Robert


"This is a book that once you begin reading you do not want to put it down as well as the book to never end told from the heart as only a son could accomplish and told from within the inner circle as only a son and member of the staff could. Parts of this book will bring tears to your eyes whether you are a Penn State football fan or not. A tremendous, well written book.."--Amazon Reviewer


"It is absolutely excellent. I can't ever remember a book having such an emotional effect on me. There were times when I laughed at "Joe being Joe", times when it was overwhelmingly sad, and a time when at 3 o'clock in the morning I had to put the book down because I was literally trembling with rage at the injustice of it all"--E-mail from a reader

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