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The Case of The College Football Playoff: Eight is Enough...Or Too Much?

Given that my Alma Mater Penn State was the 5th seed last year what I am about to say will not make me very popular. As it is presently constructed, the evidence strongly confirms that the College Football Playoff Should NOT expand past 4 teams yet. After three years, despite complaints from pundits and fans alike, not one 5th-seed has ever made a successful case that they deserved to be in the playoff. In every year of the College Football playoff the 5th-seeded team has LOST to a lower-seeded team in their bowl game. You cannot credibly argue that a 5th seed might have won the playoff or would have performed better than the 3rd or 4th seeded team if they could not defeat a lower seed. But

Spring Games: Much Ado About Something

For the past few Saturdays we’ve seen weekend after weekend of College Football Spring Games. While the outcomes of these games essentially mean nothing, they’re a big part of the College Football calendar. Universities and Athletic Departments recognize them as an opportunity to recruit, to gets fans in the stadium, to raise revenue, and as an excuse for alumni and friends to come to campus in the spring. Some schools charge admission, some don’t. Some schools have a weekend full of events around the game as well. The pinnacle of spring game weekends were Penn State’s in the years 2008-2011. The weekend included a Penn State Idol contest, a Carnival that began Thursday night and ran through

Youth Sports: Don't Specialize--Multiple Sport Athletes Make Great Football Players

Today at younger and younger ages kids are pushed to pick one sport and specialize. In football, young kids shouldn’t specialize. Many other sports can improve football skills, but here are the top sports that most directly translate to the game of football (not including rugby). 1. Baseball: Many elite receivers played baseball growing up. At Penn State Bobby Engram and OJ McDuffie were All-American receivers and talented baseball players. While today teams get caught up in throwing “jump balls” and “50/50 balls” that are essentially rebounds, the really big touchdown plays are made when a QB leads a WR who judges the ball effectively, runs it down and races into the end zone. Playing outfi

Springtime on Campus...A Tale of Two Pictures....

Springtime on a college campus….. For most college students it can mean a lazy sunny afternoon with the hint of summer coming….For football players it means Spring practice which isn’t all fun and games. The redundancy of battling your teammates with no outside opponent in sight can get tiring. (note: teams are allowed 15 practices and no outside competition—it used to be 20 and as high as 25). In Penn State’s old locker room each Spring the players put up 20 pieces of tape to signify each practice. After each practice, the team would cheer as a senior would tear off one piece of tape. On really nice days, college football players finish class, walk across campus past students taking it easy

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