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Under The Radar: 8-Team Playoff Logistical Nightmare & January 1st Game Previews:

1. The 8-team Playoff Logistical Nightmare: How do you handle the first round? A. On Campus Home Games for Higher Seeds: Let’s start with this popular idea. For the sake of argument let’s project this calendar out to next year using this year’s seeds. In that scenario #6 seed and Big Ten Champion Ohio State wins the Big Ten Title on December 7th. Sunday December 8th they find out they will be playing at #3 seed Notre Dame on Saturday December 14th. That is the same type of quick turnaround in the NFL and in the FCS playoffs. But here’s where it gets interesting. Let’s say Ohio State loses on 12/14. Do they go to a bowl game or are they done? If they don’t get to a bowl game then as Big Ten C

Four Down Territory: Saturday's Big Games AND Unveiling The Pigskin Stew Recipe

First Down: The Peach Bowl #10 Florida vs #7 Michigan: Michigan’s defense was rolling until they ran into Ohio State. But Florida is not the caliber of offense that Ohio State is and as such may have problems moving the ball against the Wolverines. But the big number to watch is the Florida run defense. They allow a lot of yards on the ground and that is exactly where Michigan wants to move the ball. The key for the Gators may be turnover margin where they are 10th in the country at +10. Turnovers can give the Gators some short fields and short circuit a Michigan offense that thrives when grinding out yards and taking time off the clock. Second Down: The Cotton Bowl: #2 Clemson vs #3 Notre D

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