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What Manchester Means For College Football

This week's news of the Manchester bombing was another reminder that in the war on terror there are no battle lines and that it can reach anywhere. As the details of this case fall into place important lessons need to be learned. After every terrorist incident, law enforcement gains insight into how terrorist networks operate and how they exploited weaknesses. Then government authorities adjust hoping to thwart the next plot. After the attempted airplane shoe bombing our shoes got checked in airport security. The Boston Marathon bombing led to rules banning backpacks and large bags from stadiums. But this fight is not static. Every time we react to the last attack, the terrorists adjust as w

Spring Recruiting Food Stops: Ask a Coach

***Editor’s Note—This is the first of a series that will discuss food eaten on the road traveling for recruiting and other visits Much like traveling sales people, college football coaches spend weeks and months on the recruiting trail. Like anyone else traveling, there is a real challenge come dinner time to find a good meal, and if you’re adventurous to find something unique. For college coaches most choose to stay at hotels with free breakfasts (helps stretch that per diem money budget) so that’s not too exciting. Because spring recruiting means trying to get to a number of high schools during the school day and staying through practices or games right after school, coaches generally keep

Spring Football Recruiting: It Ain't What It Used to Be

This is the time of year that college coaches love to hate—spring recruiting. It is a complex dance of appearing to be everywhere at once while avoiding breaking NCAA Rules by talking to or bumping into a recruit. Spring is an evaluation period and not a contact period. Evaluation periods allow coaches to go to a high school to watch prospects work out, or play spring sports but not talk to them. Coaches can gather transcripts, watch video in a coach’s office and talk to teachers about the prospect. There was a time when this was the beginning of the recruiting process. With schools already having 8 or 10 or 12 juniors committed, spring recruiting is almost a forgone conclusion. Years ago, b

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