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BLITZING SEVEN: "Stay Home Saturday" Your TV Guide to The Best Saturday of The Year

This weekend is "Stay Home Saturday" featuring the best slate of match-ups we’ve seen this year. As a public service here is your guide to the best games to watch in the three major broadcast windows (all times Eastern). It might be worthwhile to pack a cooler, get three or four devices to watch games, put on a pair of Depends adult diapers and make plans to stay on the couch for twelve straight hours.

Here are you seven assignments for “Stay-Home Saturday.”

NOON TIME SLOT (2 devices needed)

1. #11 Oklahoma State at #25 West Virginia (ABC—Watch on Big Screen TV): With these two quarterbacks this could be a true shootout between Oklahoma State QB Mason Rudolph (Nation’s #1 pass offense) and WVU QB Will Grier (Nation’s #4 pass offense). The offenses are so good that they may outscore the team’s basketball squads when they play. This is a dangerous game for the Cowboys as West Virginia is just two plays from being unbeaten.

2. Rutgers at Michigan (Big Ten Network—Watch on Smartphone): I know you’re thinking this could be a train wreck. Exactly. Michigan is coming off a disaster at Penn State and Rutgers is on a two-game Big Ten Win Streak. The Scarlet Knights have improved defensively and Michigan has strug