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College Football's Soundtrack: Music to Stir The Soul

Note: This is part one of a two part blog on College Football Music. This blog focuses on pre-game music and in-game music. The next Blog will talk about 4th quarter songs and post-game songs.

Part of the whole appeal of college football is the show, the pageantry and all the things around it. A big part of that is music, whether it is from the school’s band or the stadium sound system there are certain songs that have become traditions at individual schools. This music is the soundtrack of game day at your favorite team's stadium.

Just the first few notes of these songs get fans out of their seats and when timed right they give a lift to the home team.

Let’s start with the bands. Before music was pumped in the bands were the sole source of college football's soundtrack. From Yale’s Boola Boola (later lifted by Oklahoma for Boomer Sooner) fight songs became the call to arms. For years many critics rated Michigan’s “Hail to The Victors”,