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The Case of The College Football Playoff: Eight is Enough...Or Too Much?

Given that my Alma Mater Penn State was the 5th seed last year what I am about to say will not make me very popular. As it is presently constructed, the evidence strongly confirms that the College Football Playoff Should NOT expand past 4 teams yet.

After three years, despite complaints from pundits and fans alike, not one 5th-seed has ever made a successful case that they deserved to be in the playoff. In every year of the College Football playoff the 5th-seeded team has LOST to a lower-seeded team in their bowl game. You cannot credibly argue that a 5th seed might have won the playoff or would have performed better than the 3rd or 4th seeded team if they could not defeat a lower seed.

But wait…there’s more.

The argument against an 8-team playoff runs deeper. Given the results so far, you could make an argument against the need for a 4-team playoff.

The semifinals have been bad football with an average score of 38.5-13.2—a spread of over 25 points. It demonstrates clear separation between the top 2 seeds and everyone else. Only once has a semifinal been contested in the fourth quarter (2014 game #4 Ohio State beat #1 Alabama 42-35).

For 2017 If your team is a Playoff Contender this Year—Remember these facts:

1. You Do NOT want to be #3: The 3rd seed has never won a College Football playoff game.

2. You do NOT want to be #1: They’ve compiled a 2-3 record and have yet to win a National Title. The National Title winners have been #4 Ohio State(2014), #2 Alabama (2015) and #2 Clemson (2016).

3. Deuces are Wild: In winning 2 of the 3 National Titles, 2-seeds have compiled a stellar 5-1 playoff record.

4. The case for expanding the playoff falls with the 5 seeds: