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Sue Paterno Statement on the Passing of Franco Harris

We are all saddened by the sudden loss of Franco Harris. His death is not only a loss for his family and friends but also for Penn State, The Steelers, Pittsburgh and the countless people for whom he was an example of a life well-lived.

For many he was a man of miracles, the man who showed up at the right time to lift a franchise and a city to greatness in one incredible play.

But his life was about so much more than the game, what he did with that moment was even more inspiring.

He poured himself forth to a life of service to others. He was an example of integrity, selflessness, and loyalty.

Perhaps most fitting is that the indelible image of him reaching down to make that catch, to save the day, is symbolic of a big man reaching down to lift others he could help.

It is that life of care, loyalty and service that will forever shine in our hearts.

Our hearts go out to Dana, Dok and his family and friends across the years who came to know and love a symbol of the very best of Penn State, Pittsburgh and this country.


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