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Our American Curse: Outrage Before Truth

“Life can only be understood backward; but it must be lived forwards.” --Soren Kierkegaard

In the past few days an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse of student-athletes by a former (deceased in 2005) Doctor at Ohio State has taken a new turn. Some are now claiming that prominent Republican Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan knew about and ignored the alleged abuse.

Congressman Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State from 1986-94. During that time the team doctor is alleged to have abused members of the wrestling team. According to news reports at least one wrestler alleges that he told Jordan about this doctor’s behavior.

Given the derision that Penn Staters have been subjected to after the Sandusky case, you might expect that I would gloat in the sexual abuse scandals at schools like Michigan State, USC and Ohio State. But hopefully we’ve learned the lessons that come from being in the sights of those who trained the guns of false claims of complicity at us.