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Four Down Territory: The Title Chase Continues For Conference Titles and Playoff Spots......

First Down: Playoff Contenders Part 1: Missouri at #1 Georgia: Georgia clinched the SEC East title before Halloween. UGA’s offense got a tad sloppy last week being careless with some turnovers against Florida. When you’ve got the kind of defense that the Dawgs have does it really matter? It didn’t against Florida and likely wouldn’t matter against the visiting Tigers…….Tulsa at #6 Cincinnati: Cincinnati will be in the game of compare and contrast of how they performed against common opponents that played other playoff contenders. This will be Tulsa’s 2nd trip to the Buckeye state to play a playoff contender. In September Tulsa QB Davis Brin was slinging the ball around the Shoe for over 400 yards. Last week Cincinnati successfully outperformed Oklahoma’s result vs Tulane. The inevitable comparisons to the OSU/Tulsa game will be made after this one…….#5 Ohio State at Nebraska: The Buckeyes head to Lincoln after outdistancing Penn State. Opponents have successfully stressed OSU's LBs in pass coverage. Expect OSU to jump on the Huskers early and put doubt in the minds of a Nebraska team that is clinging to the slimmest of bowl hopes…..#3 Michigan State at Purdue: MSU RB Kenneth Walker has 1194 yards rushing after 8 games. That is more than 48 teams have managed this year. MSU WR Jalen Nailor had a cast on his hand after an injury versus Michigan, but that still leaves MSU with 2 scary WRs. This Purdue game is anything but a given. They handed Iowa a 24-7 loss right after their win over Penn State. The Boilermakers play solid and aggressive defense…….#4 Oregon at Washington: Ducks’ fans favorite four words right now are “We Beat Ohio State.” None of that will matter if they trip up down the stretch. With a national primetime ABC telecast, the Ducks will have a chance to make a statement on the road.

Second Down: On The Rebound: A number of these teams are looking to rebound after tough losses. Tennessee at #18 Kentucky: The Wildcats have been eliminated from the SEC Title chase but beating Tennessee would be an excellent consolation prize this week. #25 Pitt at Duke: The Panthers are still in first place in their division and control their own destiny in the chase for a first-ever ACC title. The defense should rebound against a Duke team that has struggled to score lately…….Indiana at #7 Michigan: An unforced error last week (a fumbled handoff) set up the game-winning score for MSU, otherwise we might be talking about the Spartans needing to rebound. Michigan’s pro-style run/pass offense mix is built for November. What began as a promising season at Indiana has turned into a nightmare, but a win over Michigan could certainly help…….Penn State at Maryland: The Lions ar