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4-Down Territory: Championship Weekend Games & The 120th Anniversary of the First Big Ten Champi

It is Championship weekend and we are full of information as well as a history lesson of the first Big Ten Conference Championship game played 120 years ago....more on that later.

1st Down: The Twelves: Pac-12 #5 Utah vs #12 Oregon: Before the season Utah was a trendy playoff pick until an early-season loss to USC made everyone forget them. All they’ve done since is win eight-straight games with a defense that has yielded less than 10 points per game in that stretch. Oregon will need a great game from QB Justin Herbert and a veteran Oregon offensive line to overcome Utah's defensive front. Watch Utah DE Bradlee Anae who has racked up 8.5 sacks the last five games and has 12.5 for the year. Will the Pac 12 get back in the playoff game if LSU wins and Utah wins? It is an intriguing possibility which brings us to……..The Big 12 #7 Baylor vs #6 Oklahoma: Unlike the Pac-12 match-up this is a rematch. Baylor had the regular season game locked up before a huge Oklahoma comeback. As Baylor’s offense started to struggle their defense was on the field for a huge chunk of the second half. As they started to wear out Oklahoma went into hyper-speed. One wildcard will be the presence of explosive OU WR CeeDee Lamb who did not play against Baylor. Assuming LSU and Utah both win, the Utah vs Big 12 argument will be fun….it’ll be even more fun if Baylor wins.

2nd Down: The ACC: #23 Virginia vs #3 Clemson: Amid