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Recruiting Food Stops 2: Eating at The Stadium

Part of recruiting is taking in a high school game either on a Friday night or afternoon in the fall, or in the South on a Friday Night Jamboree at the end of Spring Practice. For a college coach that means a quick bite right before the game or a meal in the stadium.

Many of the in-stadium meals are cooked up and served by booster clubs or local church organizations looking to make some money.

At Warren G Harding High School (Warren, OH) in the late 1990s the ribs sold at the game were as legendary as the long line of football players that have come out of that high school. Everyone in town, when you mentioned you were going to see a game would ask “Have you had the ribs?”

When we were recruiting Deryck Toles, his grandmother Judy told me to be sure when I came to a game to be sure that I ate the ribs.

Just a few miles away in Youngstown some of the city high schools play home games in Youngstown State’s home field Stambaugh Stadium. While the venue is a good setting, the football is outstanding but the pepperoni rolls they sold were even better.