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The Hidden Advantages For a Senior Quarterback

As College Football enters the Spring Practice phase of the year there are always some compelling story lines to follow. This spring keep an eye on the teams with senior quarterbacks. Beyond the obvious reason of having a veteran quarterback there is another element to consider.

One of college football’s best-kept secrets is the hidden value of a senior quarterback—particularly a quarterback who has already graduated or is only six credits from getting his degree.

Why does that matter?

A graduate student quarterback need only enroll in six credits to be considered a full-time student. If your senior quarterback hasn’t graduated, he only needs to take the number of classes required for his degree.

The course load and academic time demands drop from carrying a full academic schedule as a junior. That’s less time walking to class, sitting in class and less late nights studying for exams. It also means more time to study film, more time to get training room treatment for bumps and bruises and more time to sleep which helps energy levels and healing.