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Saturday Night PSU Can Show Ohio State and The World Who WE ARE…

Penn State fans have always believed in a higher standard, in a pride in yelling WE ARE.. Certainly there is a small segment who may act like jerks, but in the years I’ve traveled the country the feedback about Penn State fans has been overwhelmingly positive.

This weekend against Ohio State is a chance to make a statement about what "WE ARE" means, “WE” being inclusive of every student, alum and fan.

The offseason has been a difficult one at Ohio State, and the investigation is done and the suspensions are served. Yet in the minds of many who are not Ohio State fans, it is anything but over. It is fodder for T-shirts, or signs or hashtags, or things that are posted on social media or yelled at the coaches, fans or team.

When Penn State had its season opener a few weeks ago, a couple of people showed me their “Urban Liar” t-shirts. Without hesitation I replied that the shirts stunk. Then I asked how much of the money from those T-shirts was going to increase prevention of domestic violence?

So as we look to what will happen Saturday, how will Penn Staters be remembered? As Urban Meyer and his team come into the stadium the easy thing to do would be to hurl insults related to the offseason turmoil at Ohio State fans, Coach Meyer and the players.