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Hot Seat By Jay Paterno --Signed Edition

Hot Seat By Jay Paterno --Signed Edition


This reality-based fiction takes you deep into the world of big-time college football. The day after a season-ending bowl game loss, Ohio State Coach Ed Hart is told he has one year to win big or he'll be fired. In a win-at-all-costs profession he must navigate a minefield of issues in academics, recruiting, sex, race, concussions, gambling, agents and more. With over twenty years of college coaching experience, Jay Paterno takes you inside college football's pressure cooker unlike anyone else.

"Awesome insight into that life." --Urban Meyer--Fox Sports


"I loved this book. It's one of the best sports novels I've ever read and so realistic. The only disappointment you will have is when you get to the last page. It's that good" --Paul Finebaum --ESPN

"Jay Paterno's Hot Seat is an inside look at modern-day college football. The plot is as engaging as an Overtime thriller as fiction imitates life to a T." --Dennis Dodd --CBS Sports

"Having coached for decades in big time college football, it’s no surprise Jay Paterno’s “Hot Seat” is so authentic. Fans will love the insight, characters and game action." --Dan Wetzel -Yahoo Sports

Early Reviews For The New Book: "Hot Seat"

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