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A Radical New College Sports Model: Calling for Revenue Sharing Legislation for Student-Athletes

Last month as a Nick Saban/Jimbo Fisher back and forth played out in the media, it focused attention on the dramatic changes of the Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) era.

If the acceleration in television revenue in college sports was like the wine flowing freely for the past ten years or so, the past ten months have been like Henry Hill’s character at the end of Goodfellas moving a mile a minute on a cocaine binge. And like that movie, someone (or many "someones") is going to end up under oath telling everything they can about how much money is being thrown around in pay-for-play schemes.

It is that hectic. As a former coach, a university Trustee, a co-founder of the NIL Success With Honor Collective and a consultant in the NIL industry I can tell you it is changing pretty much every day.

But one of these days, and it will be sooner than later, the college sports world is going to realize that the day of reckoning is upon us.